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Development Institutions Network DIN, is an indigenous, non-government, not for profit and non-sectarian organization came to existence in 20th November-2000. A group of young and energetic individuals with commitment, voluntarily efforts, and motivation, contributed to provide a space to marginalized segments of the society for the reduction of poverty, gender inequalities in Pakistan. 

DIN is working for social harmony, interfaith cohesion, and development of vulnerable segment of the society. By its nature as human-cantered organization DIN is focused on socioeconomic empowerment of women, youth and children. As the existence of socio-cultural scenario on power imbalance, and discrimination at all levels for marginalized groups DIN is striving for their access to basic human rights.  These include the minorities, especially abled groups.     
DIN has credit for having affiliation of 40 community-based organizations working in Sindh province. The major development of that networking is exchange of working experience, capacity building and led organization for sustainable development in working areas, including the areas where not a single CBO is working.  DIN labelled as the central organization for designing and implementing various projects with the financial and technical support of international donors and the government. Read Full

Din Programe


Development Institutions’ Network "DIN" ORGANOGRAM ... 

Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program Support from Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program (BBSYDP) ... 

Three Projects coming soon.

Three Projects coming soon

1-Initiative on Economically Empowering Women Home based Workers.
3-School Improvement Initiative (SII) ... 

This is a Non Profit organisation DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS’ NETWORK” the abbreviation is “DIN”.

Ø  Acronymic    

The full Registered Name of Organization is “DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS’ NETWORK PAKISTAN” the abbreviation is “DIN” 

Ø  Legal Status

Development Institutions’ Network Pakistan is registered under the Societies Act 1860, (ACTXXI Registration No. 01222) & PROVINCIAL ASSISTANT REGISTRAR JOINT STOCK COMPANIES LARKANA, Government of Sindh.