CE’s Message:- 

It has been my wish since long to work for the human rights, development and wellbeing of the humanity and to help the poor and paupers to up standard their life with the help of partner CBO, without any discrimination of gender, caste, creed and political affiliation. Whenever I went through the daily newspapers, I observed that our peoples are committing suicide due to many social problems. The provision of daily accommodates is very far from their reach, killings of women in the name of honor (KARO KARI) and women violence every day. Women were burnt alive and were sold like animals. The imbalanced gender threat found everywhere. It was very panic for me.

In this crucial situation I decided to heal up the local peoples and to work for their betterment and laid the foundation of DEVELPOMENT INSTITUTION’S NETWORK (DIN-PAK). I do not claim that our organization is more enough for resolve all the issues but it is an attempt and a first step towards the change of the behaviors of masses as to snatch back the forgotten rights and to bring all them shoulder by shoulder with others. In this regard we came in to contact with various CBOs & NGOs and also with such organization who were our likeminded. DIN provoked the dumped voice of women.
Now DIN has become the voice of deprived human beings of our district. We work with the slogan of “TO SERVE HUMANITY IS THE NOBLEST CAUSE OF LIFE” I believe that to serve humanity is the noblest way to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty.
This is all that DIN wishes to see the society, but if you also see eye to eye with us then, come forward to strengthen our hands in this change making process.